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The Process Of Painting A Decorative Floor!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I am actually on vacation in lovely Oregon! However, inspiration and the wish to create follows me around. Here, an opportunity for painting a simple floor pattern for this coastal house happened to fall into my lap. Which makes me quite happy, actually...

This lovely guest room needs a pretty floor painting. That's my honest opinion.

Choosing a Theme and a Layout...

I had mentioned before that the sky is the limit when it comes to mural creation. Sometimes this makes work a bit tricky...

What am I going to paint on these floors?

Anything from graphic patterns, to floral ones, to location related whimsy to the wildly imagined is possible. The home owner has no preference. I better find out what I would LOVE to find in this guest bedroom if I stayed as the guest.

Flora, Maybe?

The coastal area of Oregon offers a myriad of gorgeous plants and many of them would lend themselves just beautifully if painted.

I'll keep you posted and will hopefully be able to show some work in progress shots.

I only have a day and a half to finish this.

Sketches & Layout.


The home owner made changes to our day. We were forced to enjoy a beautiful day at the Rogue River: Picnic, swimming and blackberry hunting included. Oh well.

Later, I laid out the basics, which means that I briefly sketched the chosen design onto the floor (chalk comes in handy!) in order to determine the design's size, the size that simply feels best for this room's dimensions. I then used my calculations to make it fit well. We had a few hang ups though, as the room abruptly widens from the back wall towards the sliding door (but not in the way that I could simply add on my squared design scheme...). The grand entrance into the room was also not treated in a way that I would have wished for. It is built in an angle of 45 degrees towards the room. After a bit of soul searching and some lip biting I had to dismiss my first approach. In my opinion, an entrance should be flawless and have an easy flow guiding the visitor into the room. The floor design should not feature awkwardly cropped corners if possible. Since my medium is paint, a bit of sly tweaking here and there can work its magic.

I will add some ideas and further inspiration on my pinterest board and add a link here. After the need for speed was gone (since we picked the day at the river over the complete artwork) I feel almost pushed to get into detail. I am curious on what the end result be. Am I going to stay with my simple 'fish & wave" or will this be more complex? Either solution will be charming in its own way.

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