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How To Clean Your Mural

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Oh no! I spilled my coffee - right onto the wall with the mural! Uh Oh! I better sneak away and hope nobody noticed...

When I visited one of my murals which I had painted in a medical facility near Los Angeles, I couldn't but notice an ugly coffee spill on one of the silver paintings. The sight of those long-running drips of brown, spoiling silver and soft pinks, caused goosebumps on my skin.

Such a brilliant opportunity to remind the medical staff how to gently clean the artwork if need be (not that they are not busy with taking excellent care of their patients, but...)

Obviously accidents can happen, especially in a busy medical center. But mural paintings are normally robust enough to take a little sponging. (Please do not use the scruffy pad!)

Should you want to find out, why it is particularly easy to spill coffee, here is quite an interesting scientific article that explains the phenomena. Surprisingly, there even is such a thing. Beware of your coffee

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