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Ideas For A Great Entrance Into Your House Or Office.

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Entrance halls are a big favourite in chic design magazines. Hardly anyone of us has the same space to make such a big entrance in our foyer. More often than not, we are dealing with tiny halls, leading us down narrow hall ways or directly into a wall or a staircase.

I firmly believe even smaller entrance halls can be pushed into a direction that will make your guests gasp, and even more importantly, make you just feel wonderful when you come home from a long day. Kicking off your heels while stepping into your exclusive wonder world...

I certainly like that!

Impactful changes can be made with interior decoration but since I am a mural artist, I suggest a large scale painting, if possible.

I always love a wall perpendicular to the entrance as you can step right into the magic. (The same works for doors opening into long hallways often found in businesses or health care facilities).

Silver Walls

Silver walls will always make a grand entrance. They shimmer and change with any given light situation. These walls can either be applied with silver paint or silver leaf, which is a metal that can be attached with a special glue and then will get ‚pressed‘ and burnished onto the wall. These techniques alone will look amazing!

One can further all this by adding a painting and/or patterns into the mix. These designs, or even just simple silver applications can feel anything from traditional to contemporary and outright modern, depending on your household and design needs.

Below, find a few examples showing the silver and paint effect, along with the potential shimmer, which is light-dependent.

Gold Walls

If a silver wall adds elegance, a gold wall adds opulence. Here is an example where a gold wallpaper adds spectacular luster. If you cannot find a gold wallpaper that suits you, I can always create one for you. This paper features gold leaf and added oil paint à la Jackson Pollock, maybe? For added interest, parts of the paint is raised and I just love that added texture so much!

Painted Mosaic

Here is a piece of painted mosaic. This example could be available in various colours and of course, various designs! It really is up to the client's taste! On the example below, I used a bronze paint that adds subtle shimmery.

Stickers and Paintings

Lastly, for now, you can always use metallic shimmer either with the help of a a stenciled design,

or custom made stickers which I can provide for you.

These silver decals are hand painted! I can warmly recommend a silver finish like this one on a removable sticker or decal. The above photo features a product I just created and you literally see the prototype. These silver paint decals can be cut to your liking! A few simple shapes are sometimes all we need to dress up our walls. They can be applied however which way you desire. There will be a post about these sticker decals coming soon.

Designing with Interior Design Elements.

If you cannot see a painting for your foyer as the best solution maybe you like some of these ideas which I found on the website of lovely interior designers Angel + Blume in Cambridge:

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