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These silver baubles (5 per page) can be peeled off and adhered to your wall. They act like decals but are much more classy than those vinyl ones sold at stores, as they are hand painted and custom cut!

These are the next best thing to bespoke wall art!


The silver paint is filled with a gritty substance that adds texture and plays beautifully with light. The stickers can be removed from your walls should you want to take them off.


DISCLAIMER: Please always test stickers on a hidden corner of your wall, leave for 48 hours and check if the paint stays on the wall. Sometimes walls are painted in such a way that the paint comes off as soon as you put a sticky tape on, this is due to a background or a painters' job problem. Unfortunately, this is a situation over which I do not have any control! Especially if those walls are rented! So... test your walls first! You can use the part of the sticker that has not been cut into a shape.


All stickers are hand painted and vary slightly!

Decals - Silver Baubles

  • Silver Wall Art Stickers are beautifully hand painted and hand cut shapes that will add a gorgeous lustre to your walls. The paint is applied to stickers that are usually used to test wall colours on your walls. They are peeled off the sticking surface and gently pressed onto the wall.

    Disclaimer: Test a piece of the uncut sticker for a  minimum of a few days and see, if you can peel them off without damaging the paint job! All pait jobs are not equal and this is outside my reach!!!

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