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I am Stefanie, owner of Stefanie Schuessler - Very Fine Mural Art, a studio for art and decorative painting. My studio was established in 2004 when I settled into my home
in the mountain range north of Los Angeles. My expertise in the field of mural painting,
the art of trompe l'oeil painting, and the creation of artistic wall finishes goes back to 1989 when I moved to Belgium's Wallonia region in order to study these forms of art.

After spending several years in the heart of Belgium, experimenting with paint and brushes (and sometimes lying on scaffolds up to 25 feet in the air, simply to reach and paint on European ceilings), the time had come to move on and to continue my education in the arts. From the Swiss campus of the renowned Art Center College of Design/Pasadena,

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in graphic design. Finally, after years as Art Director for advertising with some of Europe's leading agencies and traveling the world,

I made a life-changing decision and returned to my passion: murals and wall decor in residential and commercial settings.

I feel happy that my paintings adorn clients' walls in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

In September 2018, I happily settled back in Europe, with Cambridge, UK as my chosen destination. I will now be available for projects both in Europe and the US (or any other destination for that matter).

Contact Me

UK Mobile: +44 734 004 4601

USA T: +1 661-273-8046

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