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If you have found this page you will probably already have an idea of what a mural is. The word 'mural' means painting on a wall and it does not really matter if the wall is a ceiling, a side wall or a floor. A mural also does not care if it is inside or outside. I suspect if you have or have had little children you have probably already "owned" one or two of these kinds of artworks in form of colourful crayon creations.

Back in prehistoric times, humans adorned their cave walls with the most beautiful paintings of roaming animal herds. Many people have already seen some of these wonderful paintings, created in the caves of Lascaux, France, for example.  Egyptians and the people of Pompeii honoured their dead or simply depicted scenes of great luxury.  How mysterious and luscious must these paintings have felt in the flickering lights of torches or candles?

Murals can be painted, murals can be carved, murals can be tiled, they can be strung they can be plastered... there is just no end to creativity.  And that is why I love this genre so much... there are, practically, no ends or boundaries and you can go as far as your imagination carries you.  However, if you like a bit of guidance, please do not hesitate and contact me.  I am always curious and more than happy to come up with a piece that you can cherish and call your very own vision of art.

Why would I want a mural?

The presence of a mural in your room is simply magical.  Maybe the feeling arises because it will be very personal and personal can also be a bit scary.  You are showcasing your innate taste and idea, not simply a bought piece of wallcovering (which can, no doubt, be very beautiful as well, but it is not designed for you and you alone).  Exposing your desires may bring up a feeling of vulnerability and herein lies great power.  You will always remember your mural (I assume it will last with you for a very very long time and it may even be handed down to your children, or so I love to imagine).  Nobody in this whole wide world will have the same painting.  Personally, I find this exquisitely luscious and luxurious.

Murals offer yet another luxury.  They are a much greener alternative to wallpaper and vinyl stickers. I am using paints with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) as well as artists' acrylic paints which are also very durable and can usually be wiped off, should an accidental spill happen (please visit my blog for more information).  Sometimes, it makes sense to paint a mural on a canvas. A canvas can be stretched onto your wall or it can also be applied like wallpaper, and peeled off again! This service would be done by a skilled wallpaper hanger from your area and the canvas mural could be shipped to you. 

Well, thank you again for looking at my work on this website, I hope you get inspired and may want your own wall treatment, be it a mural or an artisan wall finish.

Have a wonderful day,


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