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As a young person, I knew I wanted to do something with “art” and before my career in school ended, I knew for sure I would feel rather happy working with paint and brushes. Eventually, out of high school and many hours of research later, I found myself hired in a mural studio, located in a castle in Belgium. Most certainly there was much to learn from scratch, but I loved the work and received special training in the technique of trompe l’oeil and architectural painting. In fact, my promotion from student to “artist” required me to develop, design, and finish a huge trompe l’oeil in the entrance hall of the manor house, portraiting realistic gothic arcs in a sandstone finish.

Even before I learned ins and outs of mural painting, I have felt a fascination for places in which walls adorned with special effects are capable of evoking emotions. The theater of my hometown is such a place; inside the building, mainly built of glass and concrete, huge wall surfaces were covered in constructions made of sea sponges, painted a peculiar blue... The murals were and are powerful and they evoked feelings of awe and a sense of the mysterious in me. I still find them magical. The artist was no one less than Yves Klein. I felt so impressed that up to this day I am striving to create feelings and emotions through my art.

I hope to continue to create very personal one-of-a-kind places for people using paints or any other suitable material — every single time I face a gigantic wall. Up to this day, I feel very open and enthusiastic about testing and trying techniques, developing new ones through trial and error. I love to achieve sensitivity and sensuality in my work and hope to leave each wall behind in good taste.


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