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Yves Klein. The Famous Artist's Murals For A Theatre.

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Yves Klein‘s mural paintings in the music theatre in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, have inspired me since childhood. These murals add an almost spiritual atmosphere, alongside the sounds of the orchestra getting ready for the performance, which can only be described as awe inspiring. I remember I even felt a bit spooked. The intensity of the blue, its thick application that had an almost velvety quality and lastly the sea sponges used to create this exquisite texture all left their marks on me.

Architect and artist Werner Ruhnau was the architect of this very special theatre. Further artists commissioned were Paul Adams, Paul Dierkes, Norbert Kricke and Jean Tinguely.

Not surprisingly, this spectacular building has been listed as a protected monument since 1997.

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