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Very Fine Mural Art created a full wall mural in the waiting room of my office. It is almost 10 years since but the work looks new. The countryside scene is soft, peaceful and engaging, just what I had wished for.
Stefanie is a wonderful artist, imaginative, sensitive and very skilled. I recommend her highly!

Dr. Anil Kumar, MD, Cardiology, Lancaster, California, USA

I count myself as being very fortunate to have found Stefanie some two years ago. I am a collector of fine art (mainly c16th Italian paintings) and recognise that she has huge talent. She has undertaken several commissions by my group of companies – super impressive every time. She is a fine artist in the proper sense of the phrase and has great dexterity in terms of design and media – from large wall murals to a heritage style Old Coach House sign, to painting reclaimed cast iron guttering faux lead.


I don’t give praise easily and we have appointed her the group’s artist in residence. And all this talent is wrapped up in a very appealing personality.

Charles Malcolm-Brown MA, MIOD, FIPI, FRSA

Deputy Chairman & Managing Director

Tullamore Investments Ltd & Dixon International Group Ltd, UK

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