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Custom Paintings. A New Service.

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Bigger is not always better and for this reason I added custom paintings to my service.

Paintings of any size add a very personal touch to your home or office, particularly if they are bespoke.

Please contact me if you have an idea and we can talk about ways to create your personal piece of art, colours, size and all.

Please find below a few examples.

Above are but a few examples. The first image was commissioned after a customer had seen the mural in the Mexican restaurant. Normally, I would not repeat a design but the Mexican mural was inspired by a painting from Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and not a customer‘s own idea.

If a customer comes up with his own design, it cannot be replicated.

The last paintings were inspired by paintings of Gustav Klimt.

As with mural designs, many possibilities await and I would like to welcome you to contact me for your own painting, I am always happy to help out with suggestions.

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